Sunday, September 19, 2004

Something inside

I want to show something to you
I may say you already have it
It lies deep within, but close enough
for you to watch very quietly

This wonder has no proper name
yet it contains all names known
It knows all about life and death
not being itself born or unborn

I want you to watch this, my dear
for its contemplation dazzles
to such an extreme, that I´d say
your worries will never appear

Open your eyes fully to life
Don´t judge this that you see
You deserve to share this joy
You are what you are within

Más aire, más noche

No te has ido desde ayer
Líneas rojas en tus alas
me hacen percibir de pronto
el perfil adusto de una mujer egipcia

Mi pequeña compañera,
inmóvil pero bien viva
la exaltación me ha sumergido
en el vacío primordial de la noche

Et maintenant...

La plage de Sète est longue,
Plus de sept minutes tu sais...
Je rigole avec Fernande
(le nom est affreux mon Dieu!)

Une petite Déesse
Sans rien demander me touche
Oh qu´ils sont doux les arcs de sa bouche!
Elle fait des cadeaux de rève!

Le témoin: un vent nocturne
qui vient de France, oui
Je me laisse aller bien sûr
Souffle, souffle depuis Paris!

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Sweet Angel of Love

We need you, Sweet Angel of Love
Even if your wings are crippled
you still have much to give us all
We long for what is more needed...

Let me untie the subtle knot
that stifles your gentle heart
I´ll say “let it be no more,
release this noble soul at once,

For her owner has the power
of Heavens here on Earth
Only she´s forgotten a bit
that Eternity is with her”

And by kissing your holy eyes
with the whole Universe above
you will surely realize
that you did not ever fall